What makes our veg-tanned leather watches so special?

leather worker

Vegetable tanned leather, also known as 'veg-tanned leather' is a special cut of leather that gets it's color through tanning ingredients. For example, tree bark, fruit, and leaves are often used to give each piece of leather it's distinctive look.


In addition to the distinctive look (often in various shades of brown) this is the only type of leather suitable for stampings and carvings. For example, in some of our leather watches, carvings are applied to add a bit more character to the cuff (and therefore the watch).

Historically, veg-tanned leather was used as an addition to the armour of knights during medieval times. This is because this type of leather hardens when it is dipped in hard boiling water.

In generall though, it's best to stay away from water as much as possible because it can cause discolorations in the leather cuff. That being said, our veg-tanned leather watches are suitable for the occassional casual liquid contacts (e.g. rain).

Overall veg-tanned leather is more sturdy than other types of leather - which means that working with these types of leather requires greater effort and more skill. Luckily, our designer Paul has been working with leather all his life - so he know's what to do.

Currently, we offer 4 men's watches with veg-tanned leather cuffs:

1. Blackbeard.



2. Icarus.



3. Samurai.



4. Beowulf.


Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

Owner of Chronodos- Artisan wristwatches.