#16. Go on a City Trip

city trip

When I lived in New York City I always told myself that I would go and visit the statue of liberty. In the year and a half I was there, I never did. I kept postponing it. Similarly, there are a lot of cities I wanted to visit, but this time made sure I did that and made it a priority to do so. 

I’m sure you too have some cities in mind you’ve always wanted to visit. Though your budget might betight right now that doesn’t mean you can’t visit some others first. In most countries you can easily rent a cheap place to stay through AirBnB which also helps meeting some new people. 

Because travel agencies are desperate to sell nowadays, due to a loss of commerce with the rise of online booking sites, you can get extremely cheap long-weekend discounts aswell. I highly recommend you check those out on a regular basis.  

You might be very surprised where you’ll be drinking coffee next week!


#16. Go on a City Trip

Kyle Ferretti

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