#4. Get an Awesome Tattoo

get a tattoo

Getting a tattoo is an adventure in itself. It’s not pleasant, but certainly memorable! Not only will it improve your sex appeal but if you pick the right design it could also serve as a daily reminder of who you want to become -and where you came from. 

Ofcourse you shouldn’t get one while being hammered with your buddies on a random saturday night. That’s not being cool that being a fucking idiot. 

Now I’m not advocating everyone should get a tattoo

But if you thought about it for a long time, just do it. The longer you postpone it the more likely it is that it’ll simply never happen. 

Besides, as long as you don’t go full Mike Tyson a tattoo can be easily hidden from the corporate environment (should you be working in one).  

Getting a tattoo is something that you should really want to do. Most of the work actually goes in coming up with ideas for a design and finding a good tattoo artist. Make sure you find one who delivers solid work. Generally, the more expensive the better but consider it an investment in your own personality, history, and ambitions.

#4. Get a Tattoo

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