#13. Go Cayacking (With Friends)


Most of you reading this will live close to a lake, ocean, or river. That means that in most cases, you will have the opportunity to go cayacking , or even better, rafting. 

Both are exciting an both are fun in their own unique way. Cayacking with friends is a great way to enjoy the scenery and calm your mind (tip: go on the water before the sun rises!). Rafting offers an incredible thrill an requires solid team work to get through in one piece - so to say. 

Usually both options are very affordable. You can usually rent a cayack for $10 an hour and rafting, though slightly more expensive, usually won’t put you back more than $20 an hour. 

Enter the waters and have a blast, chances are you will have discovered a new hobby!


#13. Go Cayacking

Kyle Ferretti

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