#6. Learn How To Dance

learn how to dance

Learning how to dance is something every guy (in my humble opinion) should do. Depending on the type ofmusic you like you can go for ballroom dancing, hip hop dancing, break dancing, salsa dancing, tango dancing, you name it. 

The good thing about learning to dance is three fold. First of all it will be a great way to learn something new and get your ass out of your mundane life and comfort zone. Second, all dance environments are social by default, so it’s a great way to meet new people(ahum, beautiful women). Thirdly, it will energize your mind and body by actually using it, because let’s face it, most of us are sitting on our ass way to long given the average day. 

In addition to the three benefits discussed above dancing will also teach you a lot about male-female dynamics. A big one is that in pretty much all dance forms the man is expected to lead the woman -something that might come in handy once you do find your princess. 

Even if you hate dancing it could be worth giving it a go. At the very least check out whether there are any dance schools in your area and take a couple of classes. If you really don’t like it you can always drop out.

#6. Learn How to Dance

Kyle Ferretti

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