Discover Our Top 4 Steampunk Watches

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction based on an alternative future where machinery is steam based. Nowadays, steampunk watches have become quite popular and went from purely being known within smaller cultures to becoming more and more mainstream.

At Chronodos, some of our designers have also been heavily influenced by the Steampunk movement - and this spirit is reflected in the design of the watches. In this article we'll present you our top 5 steampunk watches for all fanatics but also people who simply love the look.

Steampunk watch #1. Explorer


This leather teampunk watch is where it all started with. Once I received my first I knew I was hooked on these types of steampunk watches. I've been wearing it almost daily ever since and still receive numerous compliments from complete strangers. The elegance of this steampunk watch is hard to describe.

One thing is for sure, it's a stunning steampunk watch for who are looking for that striking leather accessory to complete their image and accentuate their adventurous spirit.

Steampunk watch #2.  Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter is for the men who are always in it to kill it. Bounty hunters will never stop chasing their victim until they succeed and many have been popularized throughout the media, one of the most famous ones being Boba Fett in Star Wars. It's a techno/steampunk watch that is extremely rough, durable, and futuristic.

Bounty Hunter is for men looking for a techno or steampunk watch that is different, rough, and futuristic in both shape, color, and material.

Steampunk watch #3. Submarine


Submarine is one of our four techno/ steampunk watches currently available at Chronodos. Made by our designer Sergey he aimed to create a masculine accessory for men who are into techno watches and steampunk watches (or simply looking for that jaw-dropping leather watch). The name Submarine is derived from the fact that the design of this steampunkwatch has a somewhat nautic and industrial look.

Submarine is one of our most popular (steampunk inspired) watches and for good reason - it is an incredibly powerful and detailed leather watch.

Steampunk watch #4. Sergeant


Don't you just love the smell of napalm in the morning? Sergeant is a military inspired steampunk watch that will be one of your most badass accessories for years to come. In the military the warrior mentality ensures that soldiers establish powerful habits and iron discipline which will help them accomplish many missions.

Sergeant is a steampunkwatch that will remind you everyday of the victories that are hidden behind hard work. It's a military accessory that is one of the most badass and masculine steampunk watches you will ever find.

Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

Owner of Chronodos- Artisan wristwatches.