#5. Go on a Survival Trip

go on a survival trip

Let’s face it - you’ve always wanted to do this. There is something exciting about going to some far away place in a dark forest and trying to figure it out. 

I recommend going with one good friend so you havesome company while you are going full Bear Grylls. Plus it’s a lot more fun when you can share the adventure together. 

Not only will a survival trip teach you a lot of practicalskills but it will also be an experience that won’t forget anytime soon. 

From catching and preparing your own fish to making a fire and setting up camp, your inner caveman will be most pleased. 

There are lot’s of amazing places in the world to visit and I’m sure you have some thoughts yourself. Personally I recommend anywhere in Yosemite park or if you live in Europe, visit Norway or Germany.  

That being said, you might not have the budget or time to travel half the country to go on a survival trip.Doesn’t matter. Unless you live in a large metropolitan area chances are you are relatively close to a mysterious forest.  

As long as you don’t go somewhere in the middle of the desert you should be good to go. 

Make sure you do your homework though, we don’t want you to be eating any poisonous berries.

#5. Go on a Survival Trip

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