#12. Visit South East Asia


Looking for an affordable tropical paradise thats offer the perfect combination between temples, full-moon parties, adventurous spirits, drugs, cities, nature, beautiful oceans and exotic animals? Well you’ve guessed it, that’s pretty much the entire region we call South East Asia. 

Many people nowadays visit Thailand and combine it with a trip to Indonesia because it’s extremely affordable and offers a wide spectrum of activities and environments. This is a combination that is easy to do with cheap inter-continental flights basically being thrown at you. 

Alternatives are visiting India to go on a spiritual journey, exploring Vietnam and it’s incredibly rich history or spotting Bengal tigers in Laos. Either way, you can’t really go wrong with South East Asia. Thereis so much to see, so much to do, and so much to experience you could live there for years.

In fact, I personally know many people doing exactly that. Though this is a topic for another day it does show that in general, these regions are, at the very least, quite pleasant to visit. 

Flight tickets are extremely affordable no matter where you are right now if you simply get a ‘round the world trip-ticket’. 

An alternative is asking some travelling buddies of yours to give you some advice!


#12. Visit South East Asia

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