#17. Visit a Stripclub


Yes it’s cheesy. Yes it’s expensive. Yes you will likely do some stupid shit. 

But you will also have a lot of fun if you visit a stripclub with the right group of guys. Depending on where you live a stripclub might be a whorehouse or an actual stripclub. Either way, you are in for some fun.

It feels too obvious to point out but here it goes anyway: girls will come up to you and invite you over for a dance or ask for a drink. Always check what sortof drink she had in mind (a friend of mine once had tosuddenly pay a $300 bottle of champagne) and discuss the price of a dance before hand. Trust me, I had some bad experiences with that. 

All in all going to a stripclub can be a lot of fun, especially if you combine it with a fun night out with the boys and don’t hang around the club for ages. Forthose of you in a relationship it could be a bit tricky but then again, are you a free man or not? There is nothing wrong with looking around a bit as long as you are a good boy. 

Remember: look but never touch. 


#17. Visit a stripclub

Kyle Ferretti

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