#14. Watch The Stars (Stoned)

gaze at the stars

Have you ever gazed at the stars when you were young? You probably did but stopped doing that at some point. Why? Isn’t it a shame to ignore the beauty the sky has to offer at night? Not to mention the incredible inspiration that can be drawn from merely gazing at the stars for hours. 

I remember one night when I went to our roof terrace (and with a doobie in my hand), simply enjoyed the scenery for hours with a couple of close friends. Whata night that was!  

Many great philosophers say that if mankind would be smart enough to provide food, shelter, and basic  utilities for everyone people would be free from their cubicle existince allowing them to gaze and the stars and wonder: what if..In turn, that would catapult innovation and entrepreneurship. There might be some truth to that philosophy. 

Gazing at the stars in our rushed existence almost seems like a lost form of art - but why not rediscover the magical experience it can give us? Bonus points if you bring a telescope!


#14. Watch the Stars 

Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

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