Introducing the 'Beowulf' wristwatch.


The story of the 'Beowulf' wristwatch.

According to the legend, Beowulf was a hero and a warrior, slaying and fighting many monsters terrorizing Denmark and Sweden. Beowulf was incredibly strong, brave, and a true warrior. The strength and power of Beowulf is reflected in the design and material of this watch, hence the name.

Beowulf is vintage wirstwatch for the modern warriors, strong and brave.


The details of the watch.

The watch casing was made from stainless steel, smooth as a blade, and is 44 mm in diameter. The watch face is 40 mm in diameter and the bezel has a 5 mm width. Crystal mineral glass protects the dial. The dial has many decorations, including a gold colored subdial and a seperate seconds display. There are metal stripes on the outer ring to indicate the main time, but the bezel and rim also include other measurements of time.

The details of the leather cuff.

The leather cuff was made from veg-tanned leather and was dyed with eco=paint to give it a stronger and more rugged look. It was handstitched with thick thread which matches the thick leather. The width of the band is 50 mm in diameter and has two metal plates attached to it reading 'Strength' and 'Honor' - principles of a true warrior.


Aesthetics of the watch.

This vintage watch name after the legendary Beowulf has a very masculine and dominant appearance. The combination of the veg-tanned leather cuff in pitch black with the detailed and strong stainless steel clockwork make it a watch to remember.

A watch for the warriors, change-makers, and dare-devils.

This vintage watch name after the legendary Beowulf has a very masculine and dominant appearance. It will certainly add a lot of edge to your style and will be appreciated by many. If you are the type of person who enjoys wearing a lot of black, like leather jackets, black jeans, or black shirts, then this will be the perfect vintage watch for you.

Above all, Beowulf is a vintage watch for the modern warriors who will carve their legend into the world without regret. An extremely dominant and edgy leather accessory you simply have to own.

Watch specifications.

  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 44 mm
  • Face diameter: 40 mm
  • Bezel width: 5 mm
  • Band material: veg-tanned, eco painted leather
  • Band width: 50 mm
  • Clasp: single push button deployment clap
  • Dial window material: crystal mineral glass
  • Display: analog
  • Movement: manual

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Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

Owner of Chronodos- Artisan wristwatches.