Introducing the 'Maverick' wristwatch.


The story of the 'Maverick' wristwatch.

A maverick is someone who refuses to play by the rules - which is what this modern looking watch for men also refuses. Mavericks are the game-changers in modern society because only those who will break the rules will end up discovering what they are truly capable of. Mavericks are people who do not follow and refuse to be part of the herd.

This modern watch will complement many looks and remind you of the importance to be a modern maverick in a world where conformity rules.


The details of the watch.

In a midnight blue wide leather cuff with ocean blue stitching sits a casing 40 mm in diameter with a face diameter of 36 mm and a bezel width of 5 mm. The watch has a double push button deployment clasp and skeleton dial. The dial itself is found in the 40 mm stainless steel silver coated casing and has areas where the mechanism itself can be seen. As with most of our watches, the mechanism is manual. 

The details of the leather cuff.

The leather cuff is 44 mm in width and made from midnight blue fine Italian leathers with an ocean blue hand stitched finish. The cuff feels amazing around your wrist and has 4 silver coated nails to keep the cuff strong.

Aesthetics of the watch.

Maverick is a wristwatch that many will like. It is a fantastic watch to wear for men who regularly go out to bars and clubs because of the modern yet unique look. It's a compliment magnet, but above all, a reminder to yourself that one should never follow the rules as they are laid out.

The watch is stylish, modern, and can be combined with numerous styles and looks. The dark semi-skeleton dial with textured bridges and dauphine hands work really well with the sharp cuts you will see in the leather and the blue stitchings give it that modern look. 


Shipped in a special wooden box.

As a token of appreciation, everyone ordering this watch will receive it in one of our custom Chronodos boxes made from plywood, branded with the Chronodos marking.

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A modern watch for those rule breakers and city adventurers.

Maverick simply is the perfect tool for men who refuse to play by the rules. It is a modern and sleek looking watch that will go together with many looks. Men who regularly go out in the city to a bar, club, or another type of adventure will truly rock this watch because the smooth style provides a solid base style and personality wise.

This wristwatch is a must get if you are looking for a versatile leather accessory that compliments many looks - especially for those frequently going to clubs, bars, and events.

Watch specifications.

  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 40 mm
  • Face diameter: 36 mm
  • Bezel width: 5 mm
  • Band material: Italian leather
  • Band width: 44 mm
  • Clasp: double push button deployment clap
  • Dial window material: crystal mineral glass
  • Display: analog 
  • Movement: manual

Get your own handmade Maverick wristwatch today for only $139.

Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

Owner of Chronodos- Artisan wristwatches.