Introducing the 'Phantom' wristwatch.

The story of the 'Phantom' wristwatch.

Mysterious yet sophisticated is what Phantom is all about. It is a watch for men who are looking for a leather watch that will add sophistication to their persona. This smokey leather watch is one of the first watches the owner of Chronodos ever got and loved ever since. 

Phantom is a very rare watch for men when it comes down to design and use of colors. This will become one of your favorite leather accessories for years to come.

The details of the watch.

Phantom is a leather watch with a silver stainless casing with a diameter of 40 mm and a face diameter of 35 mm. The bezel width is 3 mm and the display is analog with a manual winding mechanism that you will enjoy. The window material is made from scratch proof crystal mineral glass that will keep your leather watch safe and protected at all times.

The details of the leather cuff.

The smokey grey leather band is made from the softest Italian leathers we currently work with. Handmade, handstitched and simply marvelous. The band width is 40 mm and has a single push button deployment clasp.

Aesthetics of the watch.

Phantom truly stands out as a result of it's sophisticated design. It is a leather watch that is somewhat more refined yet unique in every aspect. The soft slate grey leather band has 4 steel nails atatched to it yet the watch is very light. It feels as if you are wearing a velvet band which only adds to the subtleness of this watch.

Attached to the leather cuff you will find a stunning skeleton watch with an intricate network of blue, gold, and black bridges that are finished by dauphine movements. The numerals are gold and slightly more minimalistic and the bezel has a more detailed numerical outer ring.

Just by looking at this leather watch you will immediately understand it's value. It is simply a magnificant yet sophisticated vibe it sends off and is a watch many of our customers are wearing as week speak.

Shipped in a special wooden box.

As a token of appreciation, everyone ordering this watch will receive it in one of our custom Chronodos boxes made from plywood, branded with the Chronodos marking.

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An smokey leather watch with a sophisticated finish for the stylish.

Phantom is a fantastic leather watch for the modern man looking for a watch that can be used in both formal and informal settings. Soft Italian leathers make the cuff light and soft, as if a ring of smoke was sitting around your wrist. The skeleton watch is quite special and the color combination is truly remarkable - we promise you will not be disappointed with this wristwatch.

Overall Phantom will be a great choice for men who want a leather watch suitable for both formal and informal situations that oozes sophistication yet stays true to it's unique design and nature.

Watch specifications.

  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 40 mm
  • Face diameter: 35 mm
  • Bezel width: 3 mm
  • Band material: Italian leather
  • Band width: 40 mm
  • Clasp: single push button deployment clap
  • Dial window material: crystal mineral glass
  • Display: analog 
  • Movement: manual

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Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

Owner of Chronodos- Artisan wristwatches.