Introducing the 'Samurai' wristwatch.


The story of the 'Samurai' wristwatch.

Named after the legendary warriors, the Samurai wristwatch will be your favorite vintage watch for years to come. The life of a samurai was tough. It required many sacrifices, lots of courage, and supreme skill. For the samurai, the katana sword was the sacred extension of their own body.

This vintage watch, just like the katana, will be your extension of courage, skill, and style.


The details of the watch.

This vintage watch has an analog display and an authentic manual winding mechanism. The brushed stainless steel casing is 45 mm in diameter and has a 40 mm face diameter with a 6 mm wide bezel. The brushed steel almost looks as if it was forged from the steel of a true katana and has 6 screws in the rim. This watch has an Oriental design through it's beautifully decorated skeleton dial and yin-yang colors.

The watch has numerical bridges with III, VI, IX and XII etched into the plating. The skeleton mechanism can be seen throughout the dial itself, but the focus of the clockwork is the Oriental designed plating without a doubt. 

The details of the leather cuff.

As with all our vintage watches, the leather cuff was made from sturdy veg-tanned leather. After that, it was painted with eco-paint, handcut, handstitched, and deliberately burned to create a burned look and add authenticity and a story to the watch. It's therefore a great conversational starter.

The brown leather cuff is 57 mm in width and has a single button deployment clasp which is incredibly sturdy and strong.

Aesthetics of the watch.

Samurai is the only watch in our collection that has that mysterious Oriental look and feel. It looks as if it was passed down from generation to generation and is a true compliment magnet. Trust us, we know. It's beautiful clockwork with the brushed steel rim and yin-yang colored and decorated dial make it a very special and powerful leather watch.


A vintage watch with an Oriental design - a compliment magnet. 

If you are looking for a vintage watch that stands out, this is your watch. The Oriental design and supreme quality of the burned leather cuff have the spirit of the legendary warriors. It's a watch that will lead to many compliments and questions so be prepared to stand out. 

Watch specifications.

  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 45 mm
  • Face diameter: 40 mm
  • Bezel width: 6 mm
  • Band material: veg-tanned, eco painted leather
  • Band width: 57 mm 
  • Clasp: single push button deployment clap
  • Dial window material: crystal mineral glass
  • Display: analog
  • Movement: manual

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Kyle Ferretti

Blue Moon Productions, Goudse Rijweg, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands

Owner of Chronodos- Artisan wristwatches.