How It's Made

making watches


First things first - every wristwatch needs a story and a unique design. Period. At Chronodos we don't mass produce and we want to offer men around the world unique alternatives to most generic and boring watches that you'll find elsewhere.

Before our designers even start with designing a new watch they look for inspiration. A story that will inspire the design of the watch. Inspiration is drawn from the world around us, whether it be nature, a city, a building, a movie or a (historical) figure. 

That inspiration is then carefully put into something more tangible via designs and sketches. We don't stop until we feel that we really managed to get to the essence of the spirit we want to create for each watch.

watch design
sketchs of watch designs


Okay so we got the design down! Now we move on to the next stage which is selecting the materials necessary to make it happen. For our watches, this usually means combining elements from various watches to create a more unique look and feel.

For our leather cuffs and details, many different types of leather are carefully examined to ensure top quality and durability. Usually we work with Italian leather, natural cow hide, genuine leather in various forms and vegetable tanned leather.

We won't stop until the perfect materials are found to make your watch a special one. Like we always say, we want you to meet your new favorite accessory - and we mean every word of it.

selecting leathers


After we nailed the design and all materials have been selected several prototypes are produced. In careful deliberation the overall look and feel of the timepiece is discussed.

Only when we feel that it's truly a worthy item will it actually be available for purchase. As stated before, we want you to really love your new watch - and to make sure you do a lot of hard work is put into making the overall piece an eye catcher with authenticity and spirit.

making a chronodos watch


You probably know by know that each watch you order at Chronodos will be tailored to your wrist size. That means that you will be able to enjoy your watch for years to come. It also means that it was made for you -  and you alone.

As a man proper made tools are often tailored to ensure that they really work for the owner. Because you as a proud owner want to have a watch that perfectly fits your wrist we make it one of our main priorities to ensure that you receive a uniquely tailored timepiece.

When you order a watch a lot actually goes on behind the scenes. The leather will be hand cut, hand polished, hand painted (in some cases) and hand stitched. In some cases special nails and details will also be added.

Handcrafting the watch is the final step before the watch will be shipped to you. Congratulations - you are now the proud owner of an artisan wristwatch. It will be your new favorite accessory!