The story behind our watches.


We do not mass produce. You can be assured that a lot of time and effort was put into each  watch you buy at Chronodos.

For this reason, every watch comes in a limited edition. Every watch you order will be tailored to your wrist size.

Frustrated with most generic watches out there we decided to do things differently.

Combining genuine leather straps with unique watches resulted in many of the designs found in our current collection.

Meet the craftsmen.

Meet Sergey

Meet Sergey.

Sergey likes massive brutal accessories that emphasize the masculinity of the owner.

He spends many hours perfecting even the smallest details of each wristwatch he designs and wants them to look complete.  When buying one of his watches, you can be sure that it's a stylish and functional item that has no analogs. Sergey mostly works from his studio in Moscow. 


  • Techno watches.
  • Cyberpunk watches.
  • Multiple-dial works.
  • Futuristic designs.

Meet Mark

Meet Mark.

Just like the other designers Chronodos works with Mark has a passion for working with genuine leathers. Orginally from Tallinn, Mark went to Italy to learn more about the craftsmanship of working with leather. In addition to that he always had a thing for wristwatches and was able to combine these two passions.

Mark is always on the lookout for new designs and enjoys experimenting with new watch and leather combinations. He currently has studios in Naples, Talinn, and Moscow.


  • Genuine leathers.
  • Soft Italian leathers.
  • Manual skeleton watches.
  • Skeleton designs.

Meet Paul

Meet Paul.

Paul is passionate about creating fantastic watches with cuffs made from veg-tanned leather. Every watch is custom and unique - and Paul puts in a lot of work and detail in getting each and every wristwatch just right. He works a lot of veg-tanned leather and eco-paint which makes his watches (and epecially the leather cuffs) truly stand out.

He enjoys being creative and making special pieces for those looking for something different and mostly works from his studio in Miami.


  • Vintage watches.
  • Vintage cuffs.
  • Veg-tanned leather.
  • Eco-paint.

Meet Martin

Meet Martin.

Martin has always been  fascinated by making something unique, which is why he enjoys working with leather. He started making leather bracelets and gradually he changed over to watches to which he devotes all his free time.

Every watch he makes is unique and sophisticated down to the last detail. His ideas are implemented in his workroom in Slovakia.



  • Vintage leather.
  • Automatic movements.
  • Sportswatches.
  • Modern designs.

Meet Joey

Meet Joey.

Joey has been passionate about working with leather ever since he was a kid.

His grandfather would take him to his workshop where he was taught the tools of the trade. His watches are therefore always made with the premium leather cuffs he enjoys working with. He generally works from his studio in New York and has a thing for vintage wristwatches.


  • Vintage watches.
  • Natural leathers.
  • Mechanical watches.
  • Vintage designs.

Meet Derrek

Meet Derrek.

Derrek is the founder & owner of Chronodos. He fell in love with artisan watches after he got his very first one (the Explorer which is shown in the picture). Ever since he felt that more men across the globe needed to learn that there were badboy alternatives to the generic watches you see most of the times.

When he isn't working on Chronodos he is  working out, or writing.


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